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Bull Project CEO named amongst the startup elite in the TechRound 29 under 29 of 2021

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Bull Project CEO Franco Di Stefano named amongst the startup elite in the TechRound 29 under 29 of 2021

LONDON, United Kingdom - November 10, 2021 - We are delighted to announce that Franco Di Stefano has been named in the top 29 entrepreneurs under the age of 29 by TechRound, the UK’s fastest growing startup and tech news site.

The competition followed a round of judging from an expert panel including Josh White of CanO Water and Rohan Kamdar of Meshed (both recipients of Forbes 30 under 30 in 2021) and TechRound team members and startup experts, Isabel Murphy and Becca Donaldson.

Whilst many finalists in previous years have gone on to be named in the Forbes 30 under 30 or become leading names in UK tech, this year’s top spot was awarded to twins Oliver and Alexander Kent-Braham, aged 29, with their car insurance startup Marshmallow that has recently gained unicorn status.

They were closely followed by Hopin founder, Johnny Boufarhart, 27, who runs the online events software now valued at $7.75 billion. Young entrepreneur Bernado Braga, 17, took the third spot with Yolk, a clever delivery service for high-end restaurants in London launched in lockdown.

Feedback From The Judges

“As always, we were so impressed with the calibre of applicants this year and also the volume of applications – setting a new record.”

“The list of entries and finalists has highlighted the innovation and hard work of young people in Britain and how the UK is an excellent place to launch and scale a startup.”

“With reference specifically to young people, we understand how hard it is to grow and build a successful business so young, whilst still learning, trying to make connections and often with limited access to funding.”

“Our main findings are that growing a marketing agency is a strong proposition for a young person, with low barriers to entry and firms often looking for people in their 20s to help them with this (Timothy Armoo, Tasha Grossman, Michael Ryan, Jessie Moore, Tobi Ajala) and people who are using social media to gain brand recognition and grow as public figures (Grace Beverley and Gurvin Singh).”

“In particular, we were impressed by those taking on industries where experience and access to funding is key. So for young people to really break through this barrier shows incredible competence and statistically should not be in their favour (Oliver and Alexander Kent-Braham, Michael Wadsworth, Charles Meitus and Kunmi Oludoyi).”

“Overall, we are amazed by the young talent that is growing in the UK and no doubt this list of entrepreneurs will be ripe for the Forbes 30 under 30 in coming years and also represent the future of UK business and startups. We look forward to seeing some of these entrepreneurs feature in our BAME Top 50 and TechRound100 competitions later this month!”

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