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Triple Frontier (LatAm): “An endless waterfall of highly skilled technical talent"

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

When referring to the triple frontier we can’t just focus on nature, waterfalls, and commodities like “mate”, It's much more than that and here we will tell you why. The triple frontier region is home to a vast number of different communities from different ethnicities and religions from all around the world. With the largest proportion of European descendants' population in South America, this means that companies can find workers with a cultural similarity to Europe and US like no other place if we compared to the Asian or African market. This region belonging to the countries Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay is rich in culture and knowledge. Where the majority of society can have access to high-level education, with many free universities all across the region. Where you can find graduates not only in technical careers in the area of applied Science, also provides with many graduates in the areas of languages, business and hospitality where English are mandataries subject from primary school to university. This has given the region the higher proficiency in the English language in all Latin America. The time zone is another advantage from Latin American if we compared to other markets as the Philippines and India, where are between 5.5 to 8 hours ahead on the time zone. The region on Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay are 3 hours behind Europe.

This time zone alignment is enhanced and complemented by the strengths offered by the Latin American workforce. It has been attested by surveys that Latin American professionals tend to communicate more openly and directly and have a creative approach towards problem-solving.

Cost-effectiveness is among the top aspects to considers deciding about an outsourcing partner and Bull Project Ltd is the most cost-efficient when it comes to quality, skills of the workforce, times of hiring on the market. If we compare the cost of for example a customer support agent we will see that in India or Philippines it won't be lower than USD $1000 when a better worker with all the advantages we named before will cost you USD $620 which will allow a company to save nearly 40% on their operating budget. All the named advantages above plus the recent general acceptance of companies of “work from home” model have made them start to look outsourcing differently, they see it now as a totally viable practice option. Even though outsourcing has been in practice for years, many companies haven’t given a serious thought about it, until now.

Companies now realize that outsourcing not only gives them cost savings, but also the much-needed flexibility with their work force in these difficult times of pandemic. More about our services and prices 👇

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